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Quick Post – Artwork – Setting

And my first month of blogging comes to a conclusion.  Hopefully, I’ve started a solid habit – updating every 2 days or so.  To keep that hope alive, a quicky art post, this time featuring work from one of my favourites and a good friend, Claudio Pozas. This stuff is primarily setting rather than characters.  […]

Tunnels & Trolls: Full Circle

In 1984, my friends JK and Jay went to GenCon, the big roleplaying game convention in Milwaukee.  They came back with lots of great stories, and a bunch of new (to us, anyway) games, including Tunnels & Trolls, which became one of the games that I ran for the group.  JK had purchased a copy […]

Early Tabletop Gaming: Tunnels & Trolls memories

I received the Tunnels & Trolls 5th Edition Box Set from my friends JK and Jay in the summer of 1984.  Tunnels & Trolls was the perfect game for me at that time – light fantasy, with a sense of humour and an appreciation of the absurd.  It was a much more streamlined system than Advanced […]

Early Tabletop Gaming: First Timers

I think it was early-autumn 1983 when I first played Dungeons & Dragons.  We were in Grade 8 and were bored of just running around the field during our lunch hour.  Our friend Jeff mentioned that he had just received the D&D rulebooks and asked if we’d rather go over to his house to play.  So, we […]

Quick Post – Artwork – Dungeon Map

In my last quick post to buy some time, I’m putting up the map of my first published dungeon, although this is not the actual map that I drew or that was published, but I like it better than my original.

Quick Post – Artwork – Runeswords II

To buy myself some catch-up time (other projects have been eating away at my writing schedule), I’m posting some unused art.  I should say, thus-far unused, since I’ll work it into my next projects. Today, the second wave of Runeswords of Karathis.  These were 6 powerful weapons forged by master smith Jaylon Tund.  They were […]

Quick Post – Artwork – Runeswords

Already falling behind on my blog posts.  To catch up, I’m going to drop in more unused art.  Today’s feature are 3 of the mythic Runeswords of Karathis. More Runeswords in the next update.

Campaign Planning: Major Villain

I needed a major villain to head a demon-summoning cult that the players were running up against.  In an older adventure, a friend had mentioned Gurza, a powerful alchemist that has three disciples hunting items that she needs to summon and bind the demon Kraal.  One of her agents is named Tonagma, and described as […]

World Building: Food in the Dark

Thanks to my new dietary regimen, I’ve been using a small portion of my brain to pay attention to food and what I eat.  I’ve definitely increased the amount of vegetables, especially legumes, that I consume, and since my hobbybrain is currently set to D&D, I’ve began to wonder what the various fantasy races eat. […]


When George R. R. Martin’s fifth Song of Ice and Fire novel Dance of Dragons was announced last year, I was already underway in catching back up with the series.  Though I had read the first book, Game of Thrones, three times in the past, it had been about 10 years since I’d picked it […]