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Magic Relic: Throne of Lumen

Lumen is the daughter of Cielo, the King of the Gods in the Tendarian pantheon.  Lumen, called the One Who Reveals, is a minor goddess associated with travel, knowledge and light.  Her symbol is a brazier with an ever-burning flame. The Throne of Lumen, despite its grandiose name, is actually more of an ornately carved […]

Brain Allocation

I’m not very well-rounded when it comes to the hobbies I’m enthusiastic about.  Since most skew toward gaming, I tend to think of things in game terms, and I find that my brain has an unequal allocation of resources when it comes to my hobbies. Usually, I find that I’ve got one subject that I’m […]

D&D One-Shot: Scenario Pitches

I’ve written about some of the stuff that goes into planning a Game Day Gathering, but here’s a few more details about the scenarios that I put together for the (usually) day-long session. For these games, I’m looking for something self-contained that has a clear victory by the end.  Players aren’t here to gain levels […]

Nerd DNA

I have two daughters, and I’m very glad that my wife’s DNA wins out in the looks department, but my nerd DNA is still strong in their blood.  Espeically my older daughter. When I was a kid, I was a huge LEGO fan.  Space-themed LEGO sets had just started to come out, and my friends […]

D&D One-Shot: Planning & Prep

When we were kids, my RPG gaming buddies would get together at least once a week to adventure as part of our ongoing campaign.  As we got older, the time between sessions grew longer and longer – sometimes years.  Now I have good friends that I only see during GenCon in August or at birthday […]

Collection Compulsion

I have that nerd gene that inspires compulsive collection.  I’ve got an assortment of books, miniatures, CDs, toys and pop culture bits.  Psychologists say that we collect things to maintain memories and links to the past, and to deal with stress and impose some form of order and control on chaotic feelings. I definitely believe […]