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Fighting Fantasy 30 Year Anniversary

After hitting some Tunnels & Trolls nostalgia, my brain went on a tangent (appropriate!; came about after mentioning Out of the Pit) and I started thinking about my old Fighting Fantasy books.  I know that they’ve had a few reprints over the years, but I hadn’t kept up with the books or the people or the system.  […]

Long Weekend Nerd Crafts

I found myself with some quiet time over the long weekend and continued on my nerdy project.  

Magic Relic: The Demon’s Tooth

Near the end of the dark days now known as the Shadow Wars, great heroes from the human nations of Kalendia, Pelagus and rebels from Tendaria worked with the noble elves and resolute dwarves to overthrow the Shadow King and those in league with him.  The Shadow King’s ultimate weapon, the Doom Furnace, was neutralized, […]

Tabletop Toys – mangling minis

When I play tabletop RPGs, I like to have minis (or counters, or tokens, or medallions) on the game table.  Maybe that makes me New School (as opposed to Old School), but that’s something that started back when we used to play V&V in the early 80s.  So, maybe not so New School… Don’t get too […]

Quick Post – Artwork – Setting the Mood

Continuing the theme from the last entry, a few more illustrations from a fantasy world. The entrance to an abandoned (?) fortress.  I’m hoping we’ll see what’s behind those walls in an upcoming release some day. Twelve willows guard the door.  Or are they set to guard the world from what’s on the other side? And finally, one […]