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Screen Jockey

Here’s my screen:


Did some gaming on the weekend.  The party, having tracked down the various materials needed to forge a key to the ancient alchemist’s tower, have found a “back door” to its location, buried under a sundered dwarven mountain kingdom.  The entry was through a maze. Usually, mazes in D&D adventures look like this: From The […]

Kickstart My Heart

Yesterday, I received my copy of Carcosa by Geoffrey McKinney in the mail.  But that wasn’t all – I also received Matt Forbeck’s first 12 for ’12 novel,  Brave New World Revolution. Matt has launched 3 kickstarter projects so far, working toward his goal of writing 12 novels in 2012.  That’s a crazy plan, but […]

Weird Science-Fantasy Horror

We’re planning to do some gaming this Saturday, and the players are about to encounter the Oblivion-gnomes, creatures who have seen the elder gods and forever been affected by that exposure.  And, just in time, this arrived in the mail today.  Lots of inspirational reading before we play.

Tabletop Pictures – Part 2

Here are 3 more shots from our game table over the past year. Todd’s mighty hand is seen here, adjusting our position on the scary ice bridge.  We’re playing some mid-level D&D.  I think today may be the first day that I can confirm it’s not 1st to 4th Edition; I’ll have to double-check the […]

Tabletop Pictures – Part 1

I’m stealing an idea from my friend Todd.  Soon, he’ll unleash a stream of tabletop pictures showing our games in progress.  I’m just going to have 3 images from the past year in this post, and I’ll do it again tomorrow.   This is from our most recent session.  The group had a map of […]

Latest Distraction

So, here’s what just arrived in the mail today.  Going to read a bit, and then tomorrow I’ll have to do some MORE re-sorting to make room on the shelf.

Colloquialisms to show character

My group is not a roleplaying-intense bunch.  We don’t have “in character” voices, nor do we have fond memories of long sessions where “not a single die was rolled.”  We have fun, and play a game, and act goofy around a table.  Here are some of my thoughts on using colloquialisms and phrasing to add a hint […]

Gamer Shelf Porn

I just had one of those nerd moments, where I had to file a new purchase away on my bookshelf, but I had to re-sort everything I already had on the shelf to make room.  It’s that moment where you decide DC and Marvel hardcover collections must be on their own shelves from this point […]

Reading Things

I bought a lot of rpg stuff when I was a teenager, but I’ve kept only a small percentage of what I once owned over the years.  Now, I find myself buying things I used to own – either for nostalgic reasons, or as a resource for a hobby that’s become a primary concern again […]