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Adventure Writing: The Twist

Continuing thoughts about adventure writing, working my way towards my Blue’s Clues vs. Dora the Explorer comparison.  For today, I’m going to talk about the bit I called “The Stand Out Moment” earlier, or what James from LotFP calls “The Twist.”  Here are three examples that I’ve used, or planned, in my game. BUT I’VE […]

GenCon 2012

I sent out text messages two days ago to my friends: 100 DAYS UNTIL GENCON. My first GenCon was in 2000, when it was still in Milwaukee.  We were in the process of starting up our own d20 company and wanted to get hooked up with sales & distribution, and to pick up the newly […]

Nerdery Around the House

There are plenty of nerdy things in my office at home, but I’ve managed to sneak some of them into our day-to-day lives, right under the noses of my wife and daughters!  Here’s the first batch of photos:

Super Saturday

So, a busy Saturday, filled with Super activities. First off, took the kids out for Free Comic Book Day, which I’ve turned into something of a holiday around my house.  My wife came out with us for the first time (it was the first stop on our list of destinations) and was surprised by the […]

Adventure Design – stuff I like

Things I like in tabletop roleplaying adventures (playing, running and designing): BACK STORY I like an adventure to have an interesting back story, but not have it necessary to game play.  It should be there for players who like to piece together clues and hints and motivations, but not ever get in the way of […]