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Comic Book Thoughts: Morning Glories

So, I’ve written a bunch about loving trades and collections and having lots to read rather than single issues, and here’s a case in point.  MORNING GLORIES from Image Comics.  I had been hearing some buzz about this online, but never really investigated further.  If I had read the first issue alone, I doubt I […]

How Nerds Buy Books

My wife likes reading mysteries, and recently read two Nero Wolf books by Rex Stout.  She tried to grab a few more when we were last at the library (I was browsing comic books while she was in the adult section… which pretty much sums things up) but had no luck – the few titles […]

Comic Book Thoughts – Collections

So, one of the things that has been hammered into my head on my latest comic book reading spree: I don’t like single issues very much.  Or, to clarify, I don’t enjoy waiting a month between parts of a larger story.  Just like it’s better to watch an entire TV series in one go, it’s […]

Thoughts on Comic Books part 2: Essex County

Nerd compulsions are like any addiction – once you’re on the wagon, you’ve got to be careful, because you can slide right back into the habit.  I hadn’t really gone on a comic book spree for some time, and it had been more than a year since I’d bought anything more than a single issue […]

Thoughts on Comic Books part 1: Uncanny X-Force.

My friend John is a huge Deadpool fan – the comic book character, not the Clint Eastwood movie.  Although, I can’t really comment on his feelings for the movie, we’ve never discussed it.  Could be both.  But, let’s talk about comic books for now. So, Deadpool.  The “Merc with a Mouth” – a mutant (as […]

June is Busy!

Well, June’s turned into a very busy month.  I have a bunch of comic book reviews that I’m going to post – at least 10 different entries, and I’ll try to pound them out this weekend.  But other things have been a distraction. I will drop in this bit of info.  Father’s Day this year, […]

I like Comic Books in Chunks

I started collecting comic books when I was around 12.  The first series I remember making a regular habit of were The Fury of Firestorm from DC and G.I. Joe from Marvel, but those habits didn’t last for many years.  In high school, I would occasionally pick up some Batman or X-Men or something similar, […]

Summer Movies

Guess which movie I’m most looking forward to this summer?  Here are some hints.  These photos were taken around my office, while I’m sitting here typing this.  This is just the stuff that’s within reach…

A Little Bedside Reading…

Yes, behind on updates.  Super busy at work, and have been doing a lot of reading in free moments.  Mostly comic books, which I’ll blog about shortly, but also some new light bedtime reading:

Work in Progress

Don’t hexes just make it look more official?  A work in progress…