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I attended the Canadian premiere of Dark Knight Rises last night in Toronto.  It’s going to take me a while to fully process my feelings on the movie, and I’m definitely going to see it again, but here’s my initial take on the third movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  I’m going to be mostly […]

Back to Gaming: Blue Moon City

So, as noted, our gaming group was finally able to meet after a month off.  We weren’t quite prepared for anything too heavy (resuming our D&D campaign would have to wait another week), so we busted out Blue Moon City. Todd and I both have the Blue Moon Card game – the prequel game, where […]

Batman Dice Tower

So, my gaming group got together for the first time in a month last night.  A special surprise, my friend Rob had custom-built some dice towers for us.  My was, of course, designed to look like Batman.  This is the coolest.

iPad Game: Dungeon Crawlers

Here’s one of the games that I’ve been playing on my iPad: Dungeon Crawlers. We shut down our 4th Edition D&D Game in January, when we started playing the Friends & Family playtest D&D Next rules, and I’ve been missing tactical combat ever since.  Dungeon Crawlers is the perfect fix for that addiction. As the […]

June Was Busy!

I was going to write a post about how busy June turned out to be.  My plan has been to blog every other day – or, when I need to cheat – at least 15 times a month.  In June, I think I only hit 10.  So, I had started writing an entry about how […]