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Batman Dice Tower

So, my gaming group got together for the first time in a month last night.  A special surprise, my friend Rob had custom-built some dice towers for us.  My was, of course, designed to look like Batman.  This is the coolest.

iPad Game: Dungeon Crawlers

Here’s one of the games that I’ve been playing on my iPad: Dungeon Crawlers. We shut down our 4th Edition D&D Game in January, when we started playing the Friends & Family playtest D&D Next rules, and I’ve been missing tactical combat ever since.  Dungeon Crawlers is the perfect fix for that addiction. As the […]

June Was Busy!

I was going to write a post about how busy June turned out to be.  My plan has been to blog every other day – or, when I need to cheat – at least 15 times a month.  In June, I think I only hit 10.  So, I had started writing an entry about how […]