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Despite not having a lot of time to see the gaming group lately, I have been getting in some roleplaying.  I’ve finally joined Google+ and used the G+ Hangout functionality to play in a couple of sessions of Monte Cook’s current project, Numenera. Monte launched his Kickstarter yesterday… and hit his funding goal in less […]

Quick Gaming Shots

So, as I noted, it’s been a busy summer.  I work in retail, and the fact that we do 50% of our business during a 6-week period at the end of the year means we do A LOT of planning in the summer to make that happen.  Add in family vacation, birthdays, and preparing for […]

July was busy!

I was just about to write a post on how busy July had become when I realized it was August.  So: July was busy. Did get some gaming in, including D&D, Risk, Conquest of Nerath, and some onling gaming in Google+.  Also, played lots of Magic 2012 on the iPad.  Addictive. I’ll post pictures over […]