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Podcast Ep 5 – Monte Cook Interview

… and a Monte New Year! Our last podcast of 2012 closes with an episode-length interview with our December guest Monte Cook.  In addition to being a killer Dungeon Master, Monte’s also a published author and prolific game designer, plus a paranormal investigator.  Let’s go back to discus his first published works, how he got […]

Podcast Ep 4 – Todd hates Tolkien

Monte Christmas! Episode 4 of the podcast continues our month-long conversation with game designer and author Monte Cook. We pick up right where we left off last week, discussing Lord of the Rings, and Todd takes on Peter Jackson.  Enjoy!   Also available on itunes

Geek Seekers has arrived

One of the very first kickstarter projects I backed was Geek Seekers – a nerdy paranormal investigation webshow from Jen Page and Monte Cook.  Yeah, you probably best know Monte as the December guest on the Nerd Tangent Podcast.  I’m pretty sure that’s his claim to fame. Anyway, they’ve just posted the first two episodes […]

Nerding with the Kids

In April of 2013, my oldest daughter officially hits 13 and becomes a teenager.  She’s already preparing by spending more time shut away in her room or off with friends, and I’ve been trying to figure out an activity that we could share to maintain some involvement in her teen years.  I’ve tried to share […]

Movie Review: The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey

As a proud nerd and father, I had the pleasure of taking my family to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this weekend (and, judging by the box office numbers, so did most of the people in the world).  My kids were too young to see The Lord of the Rings trilogy when it came out, […]

Podcast Episode 3: Books!

We continue our special Monte Cook-filled December with the third volume in our podcast library, this time talking about those novels, stories and authors that inspired us into nerdom in our formative years.  You wanna know where Monte’s ideas come from?  This is where we talk about some of the seeds that were planted 30 […]

He’s the best at not rusting

Well, they’re certainly establishing a mood.  And with the rain, that mood is sad.  Good thing adamantium doesn’t rust. That’s for Bob, who draws nothing but Wolverine heads when we play games.

The Hobbit: Dwarf Cheat Sheet

I know Todd’s really excited about The Hobbit (maybe not), but I’m sure this will help him out.  It’s from the LOTR Project – a dwarf cheat sheet for The Hobbit.

Podcast Episode 2

Well, a day late, but Podcast Episode 2 is up.  We continue our conversation with special December guest Monte Cook, picking up right where we left off last week: comic books.   Podcast Powered By Podbean All episodes of the Nerd Tangent Podcast are available at iTunes.  

Podcasting Fun

A Nerd Tangent podcast is something that I’ve wanted to do since I launched this site – almost it’s reason to exist.  But it took a long time to get organized and make it happen.  I didn’t want to launch it until I could have it appear weekly, on a regular schedule.  That’s one of the […]