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Upping the Stakes

My oldest daughter is developing into an artsy nerd.  My youngest daughter is the boardgamer – she doesn’t display many nerd gene moments, but she’s very competitive.  We play a lot of Pentago – a game where you take turns placing your marbles to try and get 5 in a row before the other person.  […]

Obsession by Osmosis

As a nerd parent, I try to get my kids to sample the various things that I’m into, to see if they’ll develop that same nerd gene that I have, or at least to make a partner for Batman watching in my later years. This one has gone the other way, though.  They’re into the […]

Game Shelf

I’m sure I’ve posted these before, but I way too lazy to scroll back.  It’s that time of year where I’m shopping for boardgames for family members, to encourage good gaming habits.  And I see something and wish I had it… only to eventually find that I *do* have it, and it still sits unopened […]

Different Tokens

When I was a kid, our Monopoly tokens looked like this: We never had the top hat, the dog, the thimble…  Did I miss out?

Kickstarter 2012: Crowdfunded

The other day, while recording the NERD TANGENT PODCAST with Todd and John, I was reflecting on my kickstarter contributions for 2012.  I was pretty sure I’d spent over $1,000, but had only vague ideas about how many projects that accounted for or how many hit their goal.  So today, I decided to actually investigate […]


Wow, that was a hiatus, huh? Working in the retail world means that I don’t get to have any time for my brain from September – December.  Someday I’ll have a post on that, but The fourth quarter is absolutely critical in retail, and there’s very little room for error in my business.  So, that’s […]