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Episode IX – 2013 – A New Hope

Last episode, we started talking about the next Star Wars movie and the rumors surrounding it and who we’d like to see directing the movie… and then the news broke about JJ Abrams and our podcast is instantly dated.  So, this week we talk about stuff that’s coming out over the next few weeks (and […]

Podcast Episode 8 – Gifts that Shall Not Be Named

I’ve been working my way through my holiday book haul, and loving them all so far, but the flip side of that leads to Episode 8′s topic – worst presents received: wrong gaming system? Star Trek figures in Star Wars ships?  Let’s find out… of course, we drift off into a tangent early on and end up talking […]

Podcast Episode 7 – TV and Movie reboots

Continuing their investigation of reboots and restarts, Todd, James and John the Engineer discuss TV franchise and movie reboots, but of course go off on some nerd tangents..   Podcast Powered By Podbean Click Here for our complete podcast library, plus our link to the listing on itunes.

This makes my kids laugh every single time

I’m a big fan of H. Jon Benjamin from his voice work on Home Movies and Archer, and love all of the character interaction in Bob’s Burgers.  After this, whenever it’s just my oldest daughter and I, we act out this scene before getting into the car.

Podcast Episode 6 – Comic Book Reboots!

For the first podcast of the new year, we’re looking at the first issues of new comics – well, really the first issues of old comics. James has given Todd and John some homework – check out the 1st Issue adventures from the 2011 DC Comics’ New 52 relaunch on the 1st Issues of some […]