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Lloyd Alexander Documentary

Just got this in the mail.  A DVD copy of Jared Crossley’s documentary on Lloyd Alexander. This was my reward for backing the kickstarter last year.  When I was a kid, in addition to The Hobbit and the Narnia books, Alexander’s Prydain stories were one of my first fantasy novel obsessions.  I have very clear […]

Lucky 13 – A True Tangent

Well, taking a break from the Oscars telecast to post Episode 13 of the podcast.  We start off talking about Nerd Starting Points – what fuel do you use to start a nerd fire.  But, like a fire left unattended, it quickly expands and heads into unexpected directions.     Podcast Powered By Podbean Click […]

Filling the Nerd Hole

So, Episode 12 of the podcast got rather deep – seems we’ve got some obsessions that we use to fill… something.  We’re not therapists, we’re nerds.  So let’s leave it a that.  Here’s a look at some of the stuff we talked about… Anyone else have this book?  I’ve had the Dungeoneer, Blacksand, Titan and […]

Episode 12 – Level 12 Nerd Obsessions

Hey suckers back home!  I’m actually on vacation right now in a place that’s much sunnier.  Well, not right now – because I’m typing this in advance and setting it to post while I’m away.  The rest of the week should prove productive.  More content soon! But until then, here’s episode 12 of the Nerd […]

Ep 11 – Non-Nerd Valentines

The Nerd Tangent podcast – three nerdy guys talking about things.  Three nerdy guys with non-nerd wives.  How did that happen?  In this special Valentine’s Day episode, the nerds talk about meeting their non-nerd partners and how they’ve introduced the nerd world into their homes.   Podcast Powered By Podbean Click Here for our complete […]

Chris Pratt: New Marvel Superhero!

Exciting news!  Chris Pratt has been cast as the lead in Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movie.  This pleases me, because I’ve become a fan of him for his work on the sitcom Parks & Recreation, and I thought he was great and held his own up against Brad Pitt in MONEYBALL.  I haven’t seen ZERO […]

Time Travel featured in Star Trek Into Darkness

Is this a super spoiler from the latest STAR TREK film?  Could JJ Abrams be using time travel as a plot device again?  We can’t confirm – but we can say the answers are revealed in Episode 10 of the Nerd Tangent podcast!

Episode 10 – TREK WARS

The Great Nerd Debate – let’s talk STAR TREK and STAR WARS.  Recorded before JJ Abrams was revealed as the shepherd of both franchises – so we’re probably psychic – we look at how we came to each property and discuss how we’d fit in their universes.   Podcast Powered By Podbean Click Here for […]