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Ep 18 – Nerdtunes

Episode 18 – Remember the first time you created the perfect mixtape, or heard the Combat Rock LP, or found that rare track you’d heard about but never actually heard?  Music is certainly an obsession around the Nerd Tangent HQ, and on this episode James, Todd and John the Engineer discuss those moments that triggered […]

Ep 17 – Star Wars Next Trilogy

Episode 17 – continuing our discussion about good and bad sequels from last week, we talk about what we want to see in the next Star Wars trilogy – and what we wouldn’t want to see. Podcast Powered By Podbean   Click Here for our complete podcast library, plus our link to the listing on […]

Ep 16 – Sequels.

Episode 16 – Electric Boogaloo.  This time, the nerds discuss sequels – what movies need ‘em, what movies don’t, what movies have ‘em but shouldn’t, and how would you have written Highlander 2? Podcast Powered By Podbean Click Here for our complete podcast library, plus our link to the listing on itunes.

Ep 15 – Rich Thomas Interview Part 2

Last week we talked about the humble origins of Rich Thomas, Game Industry Superstar.  In part 2 of our interview, Rich tells us tales of White Wolf’s merger with CCP and his foray into the true World of Darkness – MMOs!  After toiling for years in that thankless world, Rich gets back to basics by following, and forming, […]

Ep 14 – Rich Thomas interview, Part 1

Hey tabletop roleplaying fans – this week, we’ve got Part 1 of our interview with Rich Thomas.  Are you a kid in the dark clothes and eye makeup – maybe you’ve seen his name in your Vampire: The Masquerade books.  Are you wearing your steampunk goggles and pith helmet – perhaps you’re familar with Adventure and […]

Kickstarter Update

Three quick kickstarter updates to hit you with.  First and foremost, a newly launched project from our friends at Green Ronin – and your favorite hosts from the Nerd Tangent podcast will be helping out (should it be successful!) Next, our good friend Rich Thomas will be interviewed in 2 upcoming podcasts.  Rich mentioned one […]

Podcast Archives

Hey podcast listeners!  My podcast holding tank is quickly getting filled up.  This weekend, I’m going to be moving our first 5 episodes – all of those with special guest Monte Cook – to our archive drive. What does this mean for you?  I’m not really sure, it’s the first time I’ve done this.  It […]