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Ep 31 – Monsters! Monsters!

It’s a Creature Feature on this week’s podcast.  The nerds discuss famous movie monsters, give shout outs to some expert designers, and discuss the role of various monsters in pop culture.  So grab a bucket of brains to snack on and enjoy the talk of things that go bump in the night!   Podcast Powered […]

Ep 30 – All the Feels

A quick episode this week, as the Nerd Tangent team are reunited after a few weeks apart.  This time, they dig through their cynical, harsh exteriors to see what pop culture moments have made their coal-like hearts actually experience human emotion.  Hint: it probably has to do with puppies.   Podcast Powered By Podbean

Ep 29 – Teen Girl Squad

For 28 episodes, we’ve talked about nerd obsessions that James, Todd and John developed in their formative years, the so-called 10-13 Nerd Window. Now, in a special episode, we bring in a couple of 10-13 year old guest hosts to talk about what’s on their radar today that may turn into nerd obsessions later in […]

Ep 28 – It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

Hey Supernerds!  While we’re counting down to the theatrical release of Man of Steel, the nerds talk about their hopes for the new film, and their opinions on previous incarnations of the Last Son of Krypton.  We’re John-free this episode, so listen to hear if Todd and James can keep the audio level with their […]

Ep 27 – Creeped Out!

In this week’s episode of the Nerd Tangent podcast, Todd, James and John the Frighteneer talk about things that have creeped them out over the years.  From movies, books and spooky stories, find out why Todd thinks it’s a bad idea to joke about The Exorcist and why James won’t have little stone lions in […]