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Ep 35 – Summer of 2015

2015 is shaping up to be the biggest box office year ever, with more theatrical franchises lined up to take our money than we ever dreamed possible.  With The Wolverine in theatres now and San Diego Comic Con announcing more projects, we look ahead to the massive release schedule of 2015.     Podcast Powered […]

Ep 34 – Marvel Mini-Series

Todd and James discuss the Marvel Event mini-series over the past 30 years, from Secret Wars to Civil War.  How have these events and characters been impacted by the success of the cinematic universe?  Can James and Todd stay on topic without John to distract them?  Did Todd even bother reading the comics before we […]

Ep 33 – Nerd Range

There’s plenty to feel frustrated and angry about this week, but we’re Canadian Nerds, so we’re going to leave the big issues and instead deal with Nerd Range. OK, Grown Ups 2 having a bigger weekend than Pacific Rim?  Those are the issues that give us nerd rage… but eventually turn to nerd love.  Let this […]

Ep 32 – NerdTV Network

Since the nerds are secretly billionaires, they’ve been planning on launching their own cable TV network.  Each of the co-hosts has picked a property to develop into a hit TV show, as well as an old TV show to revive and introduce to a new generation.  Six nights a week of quality broadcasting!  We’ll plan […]