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Ep 39 – Milking the Dianoga

We’re pretty sure that Dianoga milking is about to become a thing, so listen quick so you can say you were in on the ground floor! If we can’t laugh at STAR WARS, then who can?  This week, we poke some good-natured fun at our cultural touchstone and discuss the source of laser blast fuel, […]

Ep 38 – Soundtracks

This week we’re talking about the audio in Audio-Visual.  Whether it’s dancing to the Grease soundtrack to driving faster when listening to the Dark Knight score, we’re big fans of movie music, and this week we talk about our favorite movie soundtracks and look at best-sellers and pop songs from the silver screen.   Podcast […]

Ep 37 – Cartoons

This week, we’re taking a look back at the cartoons we watched in the ’80s, from Superfriends and Thundarr the Barbarian to the giant robot anime invasion and into Batman: The Animated Series.  So grab a Scooby Snack, sit back and enjoy! Podcast Powered By Podbean

Ep 36 – Vacation

Summer vacation season is upon us, and the nerds are discussing their nerdy vacation history. Ever use the yellow pages to find a nearby comic store as a kid?  Ever do it while on holiday?  So, stretch out by the pool and listen to some vacation stories.     Podcast Powered By Podbean