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Ep 52 – Nerd Shopping

52 Episodes in 52 weeks!  We’ve managed to put up a podcast every week for a year – that’s more often than I make my bed! Rob the Bargamer sits in with Todd and James this week to talk about our nerd shopping habits – where we like to shop, what kinds of stores we […]

Ep 51 – And They’re Brothers!

The Nerds get a break when the Teen Girl Squad from Episode 29 takes over this week, discussing the year’s superhero movies and talking about what they’d like to see in sequels. James tries to see if they have opinions on the portrayal of females in the male-dominated superhero landscape, but the girls really aren’t interested in […]

Ep 50 – 2016 Movie Pitches

By now, we all know how crazy the summer of 2015 will be for the movie studios. What you may not know is that everyone forgot to plan for 2016! So, the Nerd Tangent Hotline was called and the studios asked us to put together the big tentpole titles for 2016. Listen in to the pitch […]

Ep 49 – Superhero Spin-out

As we prepare for the latest THOR movie to hit our local theatres, the nerds discuss their dreamy future for live-action superhero franchises. EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the Nerd Tangent website on your computer HERE. Download the podcast from iTunes (don’t forget to give us a 5-star review, you registered gifted metahuman!) HERE. Or […]