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Ep 106 – Didn’t See It Movie Review Part 2

In Part 2 of our annual Didn’t See It Movie Review, the gang talks about summer blockbusters and autumn Oscar-bait films that we didn’t make it out to see! Unfounded opinions! Random guesses! Come – jump to conclusions with the Nerd Tangent crew in this Mind Bowling™ episode! EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the Nerd […]

Ep 105 – Didn’t See It Movie Review Part 1

Setting another record for disappointing box office results, 2014 presented the nerds with a ton of movies to not see. So, as per our custom, we reflect on the movies we didn’t see with weak knowledge but strong opinions. Listen to what we get wrong, what points we’re clearly missing, and uniformed reviews in Part […]

Ep 104 – Intro to 2015

After a few weeks off for the holidays, the Nerds are back to ring in 2015! We catch up on the happenings of the past few weeks, while struggling to remember how to work the microphones and not talk over one another. EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the Nerd Tangent website on your computer HERE. Download […]