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Ep 115 – Prequel Positives?

Now that we’ve reviewed our beloved Star Wars trilogy to see if there were any faults that we had been ignoring due to our rose-colored glasses, we look at the hated Prequel Trilogy to see if there are any positives that we’ve been ignoring hidden inside that mess. Is there redemption for Jar Jar Binks? […]

Ep 114 – Movie Doctors

There are a lot of films that could be improved by making some cuts and reshooting some scenes, but in this episode, Todd and James become Movie Doctors, and improve the overall health of some favorite flicks by adding a few scenes. It’s addition by addition on this John-Free episode of the Nerd Tangent podcast, […]

Ep 113- Problems in Star Wars?

The nerds discuss the Star Wars trilogy (a shock, right?) with regard to Sam Hill’s listicle on – 10 Problems Nobody Wants to Admit About the Original Star Wars Trilogy. EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the Nerd Tangent website on your computer HERE. Download the podcast from iTunes (don’t forget to give us a […]

Ep 112 – Movie News

After catching up with the nerds last week, it’s time to turn our attention back to the pop culture world. This week, we look back at the Oscars, catch up on the Spidey news, and imagine the upcoming Fantastic Four movie is really the prank of an internet troll. EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the […]

Ep 111 – Squeezing Tomatoes

After a few weeks apart, the Nerd Tangent crew is reunited, and it’s time to catch up with current events and recent happenings! Learn of Todd’s adventures in Vegas! James dreams of an angry Daily Show! John removes his siren-hat in memory of Leonard Nimoy! And more, on this week’s episode. EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct […]