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Ep 119 – The Trailer Awakens

This IS the podcast you’re looking for! The Star Wars trailer dropped a few weeks ago, and more than the Force was awakened. In the first-ever James-free episode, Todd and John dig deep into their nerdy Star Wars interiors to talk about 35 years of fandom and dreams that have been stirred by the latest […]

Ep 118 – Black List 2010

Since 2004, Franklin Leonard has been publishing the Black List – a survey of the most well-liked screenplays from the year that were not yet in production. This week, the nerds review the list from 2010 to see how many ended up as feature films, how many they would have greenlit if they were studio […]

Ep 117 – Bathoodpiercer OR Supersnowboy

This podcast is the Hooded Justice of the Nerd Tangent library! That’s a joke, and will make sense after you listen in, as the nerds discuss Batman V Superman, Boyhood and Snowpiercer! It’s a debate between the Front of the Train, the Back of the train, and John the Engineer! EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from […]

Ep 116 – Board Games & Old Claims

What do you do when you’re a player short for your favorite board game? You make a podcast! Todd and James talk about what games we’ve been playing recently, which ones we’d like to play, and what draws us to certain kinds of games. We also go on a long tangent about kicking kids off […]