AREA 37: Creomesh’s Chambers


As with his workroom in Building D, this area was preserved intact over the centuries, and has not been renovated or disturbed by the brothers in any way. In fact, under the stone of the walls to this room are solid lead sheets,  folded and soldered, effectively making the room a giant lead cube. This can only be determined from inside the room, however, which is currently sealed with a four foot high, arcane locked iron door.

Small iron door: 2 in. thick; Hardness 10; hp 60; Break DC 38.

As there is no physical locking device, just the arcane lock, the door can be opened only through magical means, dealing incredible damage, or a successful break attempt. As noted, the interior of the room appears to be solidly lead-lined and completely airtight. In fact, if the characters close the door behind them, it will again be arcane locked (unless damaged or broken), and they will be sealed in with only enough air for four medium-sized characters to keep breathing for six hours. Small characters consume half the air of medium characters, as do significant fire sources, such as torches. A character with no air to breathe can hold her breath for 2rounds per point of Constitution. After this period of time, the character must make a Constitution check (DC 10) in order to continue holding her breath. The save must be repeated each round, with the DC increasing by +1 for each previous success. When a character fails one of these Constitution checks, he begins to suffocate. In the first round, he falls unconscious (0 hp). In the following round, he drops to -1 hp and is dying. In the third round, he suffocates.

This room contains the remnants of Creomesh’s personal chambers, which he fled centuries earlier as the Shadow Wars came to an end. Occupying this room are a small bed pushed against the southern wall; three large work desks; two small chairs; a gnome-sized wardrobe containing six perfectly preserved gnomish outfits (although the fashion is horribly out of date); some small boots; a suit of gnomish padded armor; and two small black wigs, which Creomesh wore when appearing in public.

The wardrobe contains a false bottom (Search DC 15), which opens to reveal a vial of clear liquid (Arsenic: Fort save DC 13; initial damage 1 Con; secondary damage 1d8 Con), and a final journal, forgotten by Creomesh in his flight. The entries are written in nearly indecipherable gnomish script (Intelligence check DC 15 and ability to read gnomish required) and detail the construction of the Ghost Machine (the keep and its components) through to the development of the Doom Furnace. Significant parts of the journal include:

“The primary difficulty in developing the Doom Furnace is controlling the subjects that it creates . . . . If I can unite the battery – the brain of the machine – with a sentience loyal to myself and my dark master, then perhaps I can control these unthinking creations. But who . . . ? If only young Stizzil, my misguided apprentice, remained at my side. No matter, I shall inform my human assistant Daun that it is time to sacrifice his son for the greater good . . .”

“He resisted at first, but his desire to serve and learn from me eventually overcame his emotions. He poisoned his son last night, weeping the whole time. Now that he has passed my little test, I know Daun is completely dedicated to me, and he has become the perfect candidate to merge with the machine. I will use his mind to direct the creations of the machine, knowing that his loyalty to me protects me. This is all well and good for testing this prototype, but when it comes time to deliver the final device to my master, I will have to devise alternative methods – I am his most loyal servant, yet I refuse to sacrifice myself due to my own design flaws . . . . Thoughts for later, at any rate. Tomorrow, when the stars align as I have determined, it will be time to test the machine.”

A Bardic Knowledge check (DC 25) or Knowledge (Ancient History) check (DC 20) will reveal the following information about Creomesh and the Doom Furnace:

• The Doom Furnace was a horrible magical artifact used by the Shadow King during the Shadow Wars many centuries ago.
• The Doom Furnace was used to create undead soldiers, which were then controlled by a magical helm worn by the Shadow King.
• The Doom Furnace was created by a gnome engineer.
• When the Shadow King was finally defeated, after a great and terrible battle, he was forever banished to a distant plane, taking his magical helm with him.     The Doom Furnace was thought to be destroyed.

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