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So, as noted, our gaming group was finally able to meet after a month off.  We weren’t quite prepared for anything too heavy (resuming our D&D campaign would have to wait another week), so we busted out Blue Moon City.

Todd and I both have the Blue Moon Card game – the prequel game, where different factions fight for control of the Blue Moon.  This boardgame is about rebuilding after the wars.  Each faction (player) works at rebuilding sections of the city by playing cards according to colour and number.  Once a section of the city is repair (all numbered spaces have been claimed), it gets restored (flipped over) and everyone who contributed to the restoration collects rewards.

Each time you restore an area of the city, you not only reap the rewards for the completed section, but for each adjacent completed section as well.  Because of this, the game starts out at a slower pace, but once you move into the endgame phase, it really picks up and each completed section reaps more and more rewards.

Once you’ve accumulated enough rewards (crystals), you can make offerings at the obelisk in the centre, claiming a section of the victory track.  When you’ve claimed 4 sections, you win.

Rob ended up winning, which works out well, since he had made us those awesome dice towers and I would have felt bad crushing him after he was so thoughtful.  It was fun to get back in the saddle and see everyone after such a long break.  Next week: D&D.

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