Campaign Planning: Major Villain

I needed a major villain to head a demon-summoning cult that the players were running up against.  In an older adventure, a friend had mentioned Gurza, a powerful alchemist that has three disciples hunting items that she needs to summon and bind the demon Kraal.  One of her agents is named Tonagma, and described as a beautiful but deadly sorceress.  BAM, there’s my villain.   Now, add in a piece of art from David Sourwine that I’d paid for but hadn’t yet used…
The evil sorceress featured here was part of another image that I had used.  We hadn’t fleshed her out, but I was planning on her being some kind of Vampire Princess / Daughter of the Ghoul King who was striking out on her own and becoming a major threat.  Now, with very little effort, she’s about to become Tonagma 2.0.
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