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Ep 70 – Villains

This week, the Nerds gather in the Justice Cave to discuss villains. From the baddest of the bad, we look at the villains we love to hate, the villains we hate to love, those who can redeem themselves, and those beyond redemption. No pictures, but we’re dressed like Doctor Doom during the entire conversation. EAR […]

Ep 67 – Franchise Future: Marvel

The Nerds gather in John’s secret lair to discuss the future of their favourite Marvel film franchises. In addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we also talk about Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four properties, as well as Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man plans, with a brief detour into ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Flash and next year’s […]

Ep 66 – Badass!

The nerds gather to talk about their favourite badass moments in film, television, novels and comics. EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the Nerd Tangent website on your computer HERE. Download the podcast from iTunes (don’t forget to give us a 5-star review, or feel the wrath of nerd-fu!) HERE. Or use the STITCHER app on […]

Ep 51 – And They’re Brothers!

The Nerds get a break when the Teen Girl Squad from Episode 29 takes over this week, discussing the year’s superhero movies and talking about what they’d like to see in sequels. James tries to see if they have opinions on the portrayal of females in the male-dominated superhero landscape, but the girls really aren’t interested in […]

Ep 49 – Superhero Spin-out

As we prepare for the latest THOR movie to hit our local theatres, the nerds discuss their dreamy future for live-action superhero franchises. EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the Nerd Tangent website on your computer HERE. Download the podcast from iTunes (don’t forget to give us a 5-star review, you registered gifted metahuman!) HERE. Or […]

Ep 41 – Favorite Comic Book Artists

Another late night post-Con conversation with Rich Thomas, this time the nerds are discussing favorite comic book artists.  Of course, we forget to name a bunch, but at least it’s not a drunken ramble this time… as much!   Podcast Powered By Podbean

Ep 40 – Debating Batman Movies

Recorded one late night during the GenCon gaming convention, the Nerd Tangent crew and special guests Rich Thomas and Scott Holden discuss the merits of the various Batman franchise files.  James has a real love for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.  Rich Thomas has an appreciation for Tim Burton’s Batman and says it still holds up.  […]

Ep 34 – Marvel Mini-Series

Todd and James discuss the Marvel Event mini-series over the past 30 years, from Secret Wars to Civil War.  How have these events and characters been impacted by the success of the cinematic universe?  Can James and Todd stay on topic without John to distract them?  Did Todd even bother reading the comics before we […]

Ep 28 – It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

Hey Supernerds!  While we’re counting down to the theatrical release of Man of Steel, the nerds talk about their hopes for the new film, and their opinions on previous incarnations of the Last Son of Krypton.  We’re John-free this episode, so listen to hear if Todd and James can keep the audio level with their […]


I attended the Canadian premiere of Dark Knight Rises last night in Toronto.  It’s going to take me a while to fully process my feelings on the movie, and I’m definitely going to see it again, but here’s my initial take on the third movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  I’m going to be mostly […]