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Twelve months in a year. Twelve days of Christmas. Twelve swords of power. Twelve signs of the zodiac. Twelve labors of Hercules. Twelve angry men. Twelve is a magical number.  I was 12 when I first entered the hobby that I’m still writing about nearly 30 years later.  Looking at the topics that occupy my […]

Perfect Edition

I started playing D&D in 1983, later to the hobby than some, but certainly early enough that I can refer to things as “back in the day.”  We started with the Moldvay basic rules (Red Box!), but quickly moved to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons because, well, we wanted to be Advanced. First Edition was the […]

Fighting Fantasy 30 Year Anniversary

After hitting some Tunnels & Trolls nostalgia, my brain went on a tangent (appropriate!; came about after mentioning Out of the Pit) and I started thinking about my old Fighting Fantasy books.  I know that they’ve had a few reprints over the years, but I hadn’t kept up with the books or the people or the system.  […]

Early Tabletop Gaming: Tunnels & Trolls memories

I received the Tunnels & Trolls 5th Edition Box Set from my friends JK and Jay in the summer of 1984.  Tunnels & Trolls was the perfect game for me at that time – light fantasy, with a sense of humour and an appreciation of the absurd.  It was a much more streamlined system than Advanced […]

Early Tabletop Gaming: First Timers

I think it was early-autumn 1983 when I first played Dungeons & Dragons.  We were in Grade 8 and were bored of just running around the field during our lunch hour.  Our friend Jeff mentioned that he had just received the D&D rulebooks and asked if we’d rather go over to his house to play.  So, we […]