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Nerdery Around the House

There are plenty of nerdy things in my office at home, but I’ve managed to sneak some of them into our day-to-day lives, right under the noses of my wife and daughters!  Here’s the first batch of photos:


Twelve months in a year. Twelve days of Christmas. Twelve swords of power. Twelve signs of the zodiac. Twelve labors of Hercules. Twelve angry men. Twelve is a magical number.  I was 12 when I first entered the hobby that I’m still writing about nearly 30 years later.  Looking at the topics that occupy my […]

Nerd DNA

I have two daughters, and I’m very glad that my wife’s DNA wins out in the looks department, but my nerd DNA is still strong in their blood.  Espeically my older daughter. When I was a kid, I was a huge LEGO fan.  Space-themed LEGO sets had just started to come out, and my friends […]