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Minor Artifact: The Giant’s Skull

Ancient tales tell of a powerful storm giant sorcerer who rebelled against his fellows and was imprisoned in an inescapable jail deep beneath the sea.  The skull of this giant–made, rumors say, of solid gold and full of mystical energy–is said to grant the possessor power over the elements and the ability to rain holy […]

Runeswords – Third and Final Time

Looking at the second method of listing the abilities of the Runeswords, I thought of a simple “Affinity Score” method that kept the relationship between the magic sword and the chosen wielder as necessary and ongoing.  With the first method, the sword could become something that filled a slot in the golf bag of magic […]

Magic Items: Runeswords Take Two

In my previous post, I looked at Flamesinger and the initial take on Runeswords, which had powers of the blade manifest themselves based on a the wielder’s level.  This post is about the Shadow Blade, and uses a simple Affinity mechanic to determine the abilities of the weapon. Part of the initial thoughts behind the […]

Magic Items: Runeswords in Three Methods

When I first created these Runeswords, they were ancient artifacts of a decadent empire, forged as weapons of power to destroy an enemy nation.  The thinking behind the Runeswords was that they were items of power that drew more energy from the wielder.  Give the sword to a common farmer and it would be dangerous; give the […]

Magic Relic: The Demon’s Tooth

Near the end of the dark days now known as the Shadow Wars, great heroes from the human nations of Kalendia, Pelagus and rebels from Tendaria worked with the noble elves and resolute dwarves to overthrow the Shadow King and those in league with him.  The Shadow King’s ultimate weapon, the Doom Furnace, was neutralized, […]

Quick Post – Artwork – Runeswords II

To buy myself some catch-up time (other projects have been eating away at my writing schedule), I’m posting some unused art.  I should say, thus-far unused, since I’ll work it into my next projects. Today, the second wave of Runeswords of Karathis.  These were 6 powerful weapons forged by master smith Jaylon Tund.  They were […]

Quick Post – Artwork – Runeswords

Already falling behind on my blog posts.  To catch up, I’m going to drop in more unused art.  Today’s feature are 3 of the mythic Runeswords of Karathis. More Runeswords in the next update.

Magic Relic: Throne of Lumen

Lumen is the daughter of Cielo, the King of the Gods in the Tendarian pantheon.  Lumen, called the One Who Reveals, is a minor goddess associated with travel, knowledge and light.  Her symbol is a brazier with an ever-burning flame. The Throne of Lumen, despite its grandiose name, is actually more of an ornately carved […]