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Kickstarter Update

Three quick kickstarter updates to hit you with.  First and foremost, a newly launched project from our friends at Green Ronin – and your favorite hosts from the Nerd Tangent podcast will be helping out (should it be successful!) Next, our good friend Rich Thomas will be interviewed in 2 upcoming podcasts.  Rich mentioned one […]

Nerding with the Kids

In April of 2013, my oldest daughter officially hits 13 and becomes a teenager.  She’s already preparing by spending more time shut away in her room or off with friends, and I’ve been trying to figure out an activity that we could share to maintain some involvement in her teen years.  I’ve tried to share […]

Upping the Stakes

My oldest daughter is developing into an artsy nerd.  My youngest daughter is the boardgamer – she doesn’t display many nerd gene moments, but she’s very competitive.  We play a lot of Pentago – a game where you take turns placing your marbles to try and get 5 in a row before the other person.  […]

Game Shelf

I’m sure I’ve posted these before, but I way too lazy to scroll back.  It’s that time of year where I’m shopping for boardgames for family members, to encourage good gaming habits.  And I see something and wish I had it… only to eventually find that I *do* have it, and it still sits unopened […]

Different Tokens

When I was a kid, our Monopoly tokens looked like this: We never had the top hat, the dog, the thimble…  Did I miss out?

GenCon 2013: Gaming Math Formula

GenCon is now more than a month behind us, but I do get to relive those fond memories as my Visa bills start to arrive.  It looks to be an expensive week – three major kickstarters that I had been backing ended (one of them climbing to over $500K) and some future house and car repairs […]

GenCon Haul

Ah, September.  Time to get back into the routine.  Hopefully, we’ll get some fairly regular posting action over the next few weeks, along with some larger projects near the end of the month. First off, looking back over the busy summer, a bunch about GenCon and Fan Expo.  Today: the GenCon haul! When I go […]


Despite not having a lot of time to see the gaming group lately, I have been getting in some roleplaying.  I’ve finally joined Google+ and used the G+ Hangout functionality to play in a couple of sessions of Monte Cook’s current project, Numenera. Monte launched his Kickstarter yesterday… and hit his funding goal in less […]

Quick Gaming Shots

So, as I noted, it’s been a busy summer.  I work in retail, and the fact that we do 50% of our business during a 6-week period at the end of the year means we do A LOT of planning in the summer to make that happen.  Add in family vacation, birthdays, and preparing for […]

July was busy!

I was just about to write a post on how busy July had become when I realized it was August.  So: July was busy. Did get some gaming in, including D&D, Risk, Conquest of Nerath, and some onling gaming in Google+.  Also, played lots of Magic 2012 on the iPad.  Addictive. I’ll post pictures over […]