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Slowing exiting hibernation

So… yeah, it’s been a while. But, time to dust off the cobwebs and get back to it. More soon.

Ep 88 – Hypothetical Challenge

The ultimate challenge with no consequences, James and Todd must carefully weigh their options during these hypothetical challenges. Would you rather listen to this episode in your car while driving to work, or be experience the endless ennui of never knowing what the nerds would do in crazy hypothetical situations? Choose wisely… EAR OPTIONS: Listen […]

Ep 63 – Transmorphers

How can a directionless conversation turn into a battle between giant robots? Mystery solved – it’s a transmorpher! Hear tempers flare as we shift from topic to topic, eventually finishing in our true form – drunken argue-bots EAR OPTIONS: Listen direct from the Nerd Tangent website on your computer HERE. Download the podcast from iTunes […]

And… we’re back up.

Sorry everyone (not that there was a big outcry…). Had some website issues that overlapped with a 2 week break in the podcast. So, we’re coming back on January 19 with a new episode, where the nerdly trio discuss the nerdy gifts they saw during the holidays.  

Ep 38 – Soundtracks

This week we’re talking about the audio in Audio-Visual.  Whether it’s dancing to the Grease soundtrack to driving faster when listening to the Dark Knight score, we’re big fans of movie music, and this week we talk about our favorite movie soundtracks and look at best-sellers and pop songs from the silver screen.   Podcast […]

Obsession by Osmosis

As a nerd parent, I try to get my kids to sample the various things that I’m into, to see if they’ll develop that same nerd gene that I have, or at least to make a partner for Batman watching in my later years. This one has gone the other way, though.  They’re into the […]

Latest Distraction

So, here’s what just arrived in the mail today.  Going to read a bit, and then tomorrow I’ll have to do some MORE re-sorting to make room on the shelf.

Why Nerd Tangent?

Why start Nerd Tangent? There are sites online that feature great discussions, news and gossip about comic books, genre films, action figures and other nerd hobbies.  This site is my place to talk about all of that at once, along with other topics like boardgames, growing up a nerd, and raising a nerd kid of […]