Colloquialisms to show character

My group is not a roleplaying-intense bunch.  We don’t have “in character” voices, nor do we have fond memories of long sessions where “not a single die was rolled.”  We have fun, and play a game, and act goofy around a table.  Here are some of my thoughts on using colloquialisms and phrasing to add a hint of fantasy character to the game.

Dwarves are all about being solid and sturdy.  When they don’t trust someone or something, they’ll refer to them as shifty.  Dependable comrades are well-grounded and have solid friendships.  When frightened, they may get petrified

Halflings have a perspective that comes from their stature.  Difficult circumstances may result in huge problems or big trouble.  Skilled fighters will make short work of their foe. 

Elves are concerned with grace and light.  When they require some information, they ask to be illuminated.  People of questionable ethics are shady. Troubled strangers may have a darkness about them.  Uncertain times lead to cloudy futures or hazy outcomes.


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