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So, one of the things that has been hammered into my head on my latest comic book reading spree: I don’t like single issues very much.  Or, to clarify, I don’t enjoy waiting a month between parts of a larger story.  Just like it’s better to watch an entire TV series in one go, it’s better to read a trade paperback or collection or 25 comics at once.  If I had borrowed my friend’s copy of Uncanny X-Force #1 and that was it – well, I wouldn’t grab number 2.  I’d forget about it.  But, handing me 25 issues at a time?  Gold!

It’s tricky, because I’m also a believer that good local comic stores should be supported.  I do my best to buy boardgames and heroclix and magic cards from them when I can, and I definitely pick up trades and collections when I’m interested.  But, how do you know when you want to pick up several issues of a series without checking it out first?

I’m lucky that whoever is the trade buyer for our library does a *fantastic* job.

The library by my house – one of 4 or 5 branches in my city – has a ton of manga.  A TON.  But they also have several shelves worth of trades and collections, new stuff and old stuff.  And they circulate it between branches as well, so there’s a new selection every few months.  I’ve ready entire runs of Dark Horse’s CONAN, and DC’s SECRET SIX and many other series after a few library visits.  It’s a great way to see if there’s something I want to follow, or to catch up on stories that came out while I was in an “off collecting” phase.  I did read one trade from the library in the past month and then immediately went out to my local shop and picked up the hardcover collection, so I feel like I’m helping out everyone.

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