Filling the Nerd Hole

So, Episode 12 of the podcast got rather deep – seems we’ve got some obsessions that we use to fill… something.  We’re not therapists, we’re nerds.  So let’s leave it a that.  Here’s a look at some of the stuff we talked about…
Anyone else have this book?  I’ve had the Dungeoneer, Blacksand, Titan and Out of the Pit in digest size form for years and had never heard of the Allansia book.  It seems to have a lot of overlap info with Titan, but is it’s own thing as well.  Anyway, they had it in Australia, so that’s where I had it shipped from.

Here’s a pic I sent to Todd while we were at opposite ends of the Dealer Hall at GenCon a few years ago.  It’s now known as the Dealer Haul, ’cause of all the stuff we buy when we’re there.  Todd didn’t grab this set – it’s one of the first he bought – but another set he picked up proved to be duplicates of his collection, so John got a free set of Star Wars CCG cards.

Although, at $12 I bet Todd would pick up another version of the introductory set, just in case.

And here’s John’s secret desire – don’t know if this is what his copy looks like, it’s just a picture I found online:
However, I found it right beside another image:
 Not sure if he knows about this yet, or if I’m about to start another quest…

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