How Nerds Buy Books

My wife likes reading mysteries, and recently read two Nero Wolf books by Rex Stout.  She tried to grab a few more when we were last at the library (I was browsing comic books while she was in the adult section… which pretty much sums things up) but had no luck – the few titles they had at our branch were either out or on hold.  She found something else to tide her over, but asked me about ordering some more Nero Wolf to read for the summer.

Now, because I have the nerd genes, when I hear someone say, “I want Nero Wolf books,” I do this:

Yes, there are 47 books here, because why would you buy just a couple?  Collection compulsion.

They’re now on our bookshelves, but not yet in proper order.  I’ll save that task for the weekend.  Thank god that none of them were hardcover, ’cause I’d have to go out and re-buy the lot.

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