iPad Game: Dungeon Crawlers

Here’s one of the games that I’ve been playing on my iPad: Dungeon Crawlers.

We shut down our 4th Edition D&D Game in January, when we started playing the Friends & Family playtest D&D Next rules, and I’ve been missing tactical combat ever since.  Dungeon Crawlers is the perfect fix for that addiction.

As the name implies, it’s a Dungeon Crawl, and you’re three (and then four) characters work room-to-room, encountering increasingly difficult foes and challenges.  Tactical combat similar to 4E is very much present: the fighter is up-close melee, attacking targets adjacent to his square, the wizard is an area-affect blaster, the cleric is a leader-type that buffs and heals, and the dwarf is in-between the fighter and wizard.  Like 4E, the game is played on a square grid, and ranges and targets are shown with highlighted squares.

Just as your enemies increase in toughness, so do your characters.  They don’t have At-Will / Encounter / Daily powers, but they do have a variety of attacks that increase inpotency as you level-up.  Fighters can do powerful strikes against a single opponent, or deal damage to all within 1-square, with similar tactical choices for each class.

In addition to all of the good combat / magic / trap detection and stuff, the game is pretty funny.  It is very pun-filled, and features a lot of Ghostbuster-themed jokes (the characters are named Payter, Aegon, Roy and Failston – instead of Peter, Egon, Ray and Winston.  Cute.)  You can work your way through the game, collecting experience and treasure, but there are also in-game purchases that can be made – potions, magic weapons and armor – that can help you get through some tough battles.  I spent a few extra bucks on the game, but never felt that I had to upgrade to continue through.

All-in-all, if you’re a fan of tactical gaming, and 4E-style combat in particular, this is a nice, light game that has plenty to offer.


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