June is Busy!

Well, June’s turned into a very busy month.  I have a bunch of comic book reviews that I’m going to post – at least 10 different entries, and I’ll try to pound them out this weekend.  But other things have been a distraction.

I will drop in this bit of info.  Father’s Day this year, my girls got me a present:

It’s rewarding as a nerd father to know that I’m raising the next generation of nerds properly.  One, it’s Doctor Who.  Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but each of my girls has a TARDIS in their room (one’s a cookie jar, one’s a piggy bank) and they both have Sonic Screwdrivers (different models, of course).

Secondly, it’s a board game.

I think they picked this out because it says FAMILY BOARD GAME on it, and therefore doesn’t get sequestered away as part of “Dad’s Collection” but is allowed to be part of the family collection, and should inspire some “family togetherness” which has been lacking lately due to aformentioned busy-ness.

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