June Was Busy!

I was going to write a post about how busy June turned out to be.  My plan has been to blog every other day – or, when I need to cheat – at least 15 times a month.  In June, I think I only hit 10.  So, I had started writing an entry about how June is busy because my kids are wrapping up school and final projects, and my wife (who’s a teacher) is marking exams and writing reports cards, and add in that we’re halfway through the fiscal year at work, so we need to check to make sure we’re on track to hit all of our targets… Time gets eaten up quickly.

I started to write about that 6 days ago…

So, it seems that July is busy as well.  I’m going to make a blanket statement and say that I seem to be busier in the summer than the winter, but that’s not true either, it’s just different distractions.

One thing that suffered most in June was gaming – where I had been playing regularly with my gaming group each week, June say a month-long break.  Vacations were had, errands were run, year end concerts were seen.  No dice were rolled.

I didn’t do a lot of gaming, but I did a lot of comic book reading in June.  I played some cool games on my iPad.  I realized I haven’t turned on my XBox for a year, and found out that my Wii is completely dead.

Our gaming group got together after the hiatus last night (and gifts were had!), and we’ve already set dates for the future.  Plus, I hope to finally get in some G+ gaming this month with some long distance friends.  I’m gearing up for a few family long-weekends, and, as always, counting down until GenCon.

So, lots of catch-up to do, and I’ll hit these topics as I scrounge time.


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