Kamer Forest: The Himrak

Seeing as how their core religious beliefs portray their creation as accidental at best, or a horrible mistake at worst, it’s understandable that the orcs of Karathis are creatures of rage and chaos.  This chaotic nature is evident in the disparate appearance and demeanor of the tribes of the West Wood, particularly the three tribes of the KamerForest region, the himrak, the vordhrin and the hultha.

The himrak see themselves as the most “pure orc;” descendants truest to their conception of their race from the first age.  A breed apart, the himrak are organized and well-trained, and though not as militaristic or prone to hierarchy as the vordhrin, they present themselves as elite amongst the orc tribes.  To outsiders, they may appear as ferocious as their brutish cousins, but they value art and architecture, astronomy, ingenuity and, of course, warfare.  Physically, they are generally taller and slimmer than the other tribes, and have a bluish tint to their skin.  They are not as physically strong as the hultha , but have a significant advantage in that they are able to function normally in daylight conditions and do not fear the sun.

Thanks to their cunning nature and strategic methods, the himrak have placed themselves in something of a power position above the other orcs of the Kamer Forest, exploiting the superstitious hultha and the naturally subservient vordhrin.  This position is precarious, however, as the himrak are unable to breed as quickly as the other tribes and simply do not have the numbers to maintain their position, should the others unite against them.

Recently, the himrak have begun consolidating their power and attempting to unite several creatures of the forest, including not just orcs but goblins, bugbears and other monstrous-kin, against the expanding cities and towns of Kalendia.  Lead by a newly appointed war-chief named Mogor the Retributor, the himrak have grown restless and aggressive, eager to claim a larger stake of the Kamer Forest and greater West Wood region, and wary of the ongoing peaceful relationship between humans, elves and dwarves.  For many months, Mogor’s chief rival within the tribe, Dagotha, had urged a more patient and devious course, believing in greater powers and secret lore to unveil the destiny of the himrak.  That rivalry has come to an end, however, as Dagotha has been driven from the himrak nation and is believed to have turned traitor against his kind.

Mogor is currently in the process of rallying the himrak, along with the hultha and vordhrin, and pushing the goblins and other allies to action.  He has offered a reward for Dagotha’s head, and feels that the time for the himrak to strike and claim greater territory has come.

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