Despite not having a lot of time to see the gaming group lately, I have been getting in some roleplaying.  I’ve finally joined Google+ and used the G+ Hangout functionality to play in a couple of sessions of Monte Cook’s current project, Numenera.

Shanna screengrabbed this during the session

Monte launched his Kickstarter yesterday… and hit his funding goal in less than 24 hours.  It wasn’t really in doubt, but I’m super happy for him and excited to see what stretch goals and additional rewards will be added as the dollars continue to climb.  Check out his Kickstarter here – you can still contribute until September 17:  NUMENERA: A new roleplaying game from Monte Cook.

Monte’s working with Kieran Yanner on the art and visual style for the game.  Oddly enough, when my friends and I started our publishing business with the d20 book in 2000, Monte and Kieran were 2 of the first 4 freelancers that we hired to do work for us!  (The other 2 for those curious, were Mike Mearls and Claudio Pozas… pretty decent scores, I must say!)

One of the super-cool things about the sessions, for me, is playing with people who’s names I’ve seen in tons of gaming books and novels that I actually own – Colin McComb, Ray Vallese and Shanna Germain round out the troupe.  You can read some of our playtest adventures here and here.  We’re hopefully all going to get together at GenCon in a week and play our first session in meatspace.  Should be exciting!




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