Kickstarter Update

Three quick kickstarter updates to hit you with.  First and foremost, a newly launched project from our friends at Green Ronin – and your favorite hosts from the Nerd Tangent podcast will be helping out (should it be successful!)

Next, our good friend Rich Thomas will be interviewed in 2 upcoming podcasts.  Rich mentioned one of his upcoming kickstarter projects, which has now gone live.  See more here:

And finally, another related note from Rich’s podcast (although we told him he couldn’t talk about Star Wars or Monte Cook, which tends to be the only thing we talk about) – Rich mentions Monte’s great book on kickstarter and the things you should know if you’re going to be launching a project.  Check it out here: KICKING IT: Successful Crowdfunding available as an e-book from Amazon.

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  1. Great news about you getting into the Pirate City!

    Hal Greenberg