Magic Relic: Throne of Lumen

Lumen is the daughter of Cielo, the King of the Gods in the Tendarian pantheon.  Lumen, called the One Who Reveals, is a minor goddess associated with travel, knowledge and light.  Her symbol is a brazier with an ever-burning flame.

The Throne of Lumen, despite its grandiose name, is actually more of an ornately carved folding chair, with a lion’s head hinge, a leather seat and backrest, and a body of polished dark wood.  When placed in sun- or moonlight, the goddess’ ever-burning flame symbol appears in luminescent detail across the leatherwork.

Any character or creature sitting on the seat at precisely noon or midnight will feel compelled to speak only the truth and answering all questions for the following minute.  Even if the person could not possibly know the answer, the response will be accurate and all questions will be answered during that one minute period.  Questions about facts will receive factual answers; questions about opinion will receive truthful opinions – if the seated character has a relevant opinion.  If there is no possible correct answer, the speaker will remain silent.

Language and understanding may still be issues; the seated person will not answer any question posed from a tongue not spoken or understood.  Once the minute after midnight or noon has passed, the compulsion will leave the seated character, and they can once again answer as they choose.

Oracles from Tendaria once used this fabled seat to provide guidance to kings and generals.  Judges once used the Throne to pass judgment on noble criminals and solve mysteries.  However, the chair was lost with the sacking of the capital during the Dark Times of war with Malus, and now the location and nature of the chair has been lost to obscurity.  Perhaps it is sitting in some darkened barber-surgeon’s shop in a forgotten corner of Tendaria, or sitting in a captain’s cabin on a ship sailing the shores of Pelagus, or locked in the ancient tomb of Kragor NeMoren, the hero of the West Wood.  Wherever it may be, surely someone will eventually stumble across the true nature of the chair and possibly gain access to ancient mysteries and powerful secrets.

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