My Time Machine

So, my bed is pretty much a time machine – or maybe a gateway to Narnia.

I’ve had a few nights in the past week where I clearly set it to “Time Jump – 8 hours” because I’ve just barely closed my eyes – a blink, really – and when I open them again 8 hours has passed.  It’s not a fitful night’s sleep where it feels like I barely slept – it’s an instant transport through the nighttime hours into the next morning.  Crazy.

I’ve also had a few of those nights that are the opposite – that’s what I’m talking about when I suggest it’s a gateway to Narnia or another world.  I go to sleep at my home in the suburbs of Toronto, and then A LOT of stuff happens, and eventually I awaken and have to reacquaint myself with the customs and language of this world.  “Oh, right – no swords or lasers or superpowers here.  Right…”

Time is relative, of course.

There’s also an idea that’s been kicked around that all events are happening at the same moment, and it’s just the way our brain processes them that gives us the illusion of time.

Either way, I much prefer the long adventures to the quick time jumps.


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