Nerding with the Kids

In April of 2013, my oldest daughter officially hits 13 and becomes a teenager.  She’s already preparing by spending more time shut away in her room or off with friends, and I’ve been trying to figure out an activity that we could share to maintain some involvement in her teen years.  I’ve tried to share some fantasy series (she’s a big reader), but it hasn’t quite been her bag.  She’s not a gamer – she enjoys the social for a bit, but isn’t very competitive and gets goofy as she loses interest.

She’s arts & craftsy, though, so I’m approaching from a new angle.  As noted, I have virtually no skill when it comes to painting miniatures.  I usually stick to pre-painted plastic to avoid this short-coming.  But, as many people noted, Reaper offered a kickstarter program for their plastic Bones line that couldn’t be passed up – and now I find myself awaiting hundreds of unpainted miniatures.  Once the kickstarter ended, I informed my daughter that we’d be undertaking a massive project next year.  Hopefully I’ll develop some skill (probably by mini 150) and get to enjoy some time bonding with my teenager.

On that note, Reaper just released a preview video of their “Vampire Level” pack, which is what I ordered – plus a bunch of add-ons.  That’s a lot of plastic!

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