Quick Gaming Shots

So, as I noted, it’s been a busy summer.  I work in retail, and the fact that we do 50% of our business during a 6-week period at the end of the year means we do A LOT of planning in the summer to make that happen.  Add in family vacation, birthdays, and preparing for GenCon, it’s amazing I even have time to enter the web address into the… web address thing.  (-2 Nerd Points for me).

Despite that, some quick shots of actual gaming over the past few weeks.

Broke out some RISK when my sister and her boyfriend came over to visit.  I really enjoy the update that gave mission-specific goals and shortened up the playing time.  My wife, however, will only play for WORLD DOMINATION!

We used a house rule limiting the amount of armies you could move into a conquered territory to reduce the steam-roll effect (for the fun of the group) and used the revised card trade-in mechanic that removes the escalation and instead awards units based on the number or stars you turn in.  All cards have either 1 or 2 stars, so you can start claiming additional reinforcements with only 2 cards.  The greater the number of stars, the greater the number of units, and with that standardization, you remove the massive back-from-the-dead swing the game used to take that would keep it going for hours.  We didn’t have hours!

A perfectly-timed defense roll allowed me to fight off a last-ditch attack, remain in the game, and eventually take the key to success – Australia.  Once I had the continent, the rest of the game fell in good order and I won.

A few nights later, our missing-in-action D&D game was called on account of forgotten character sheets.  To keep in the D&D zone, we played some Conquest of Nerath, which is pretty-much the Risk version of D&D.

There is no Australia in this game.  It was the first time a few of us had played it, and felt a little lop-sided since we had only 3 players.  It’s ideally suited for two teams of 2.  We went a couple of rounds and then ended up playing Magic 2012 on the PS3.

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