Quick Post – Artwork – Setting

And my first month of blogging comes to a conclusion.  Hopefully, I’ve started a solid habit – updating every 2 days or so.  To keep that hope alive, a quicky art post, this time featuring work from one of my favourites and a good friend, Claudio Pozas.

This stuff is primarily setting rather than characters.  I think Claudio’s characters are awesome – especially since so much of his artwork is seen at a 1-inch scale, he certainly packs a ton of personality and implied background into every image.  But for the next 2 posts, I just want to look at some of the buildings and their surroundings that he’s drawn.

The first two images are from NeMoren’s Vault.  The top image is from the chapel that is near the entrance to the vault, and that pool enchants any water poured into it.  If you take out the liquid and carry it in a stone container, it acts as a healing potion.  Very useful when you hit the room depicted in the next drawing – the NeMoren family crypt.  Don’t go poking around in those burial chambers, is all I’m sayin’…

This third illustration is a quiet cityscape.  I love the figure sitting amidst the trees.



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