Tabletop Pictures – Part 1

I’m stealing an idea from my friend Todd.  Soon, he’ll unleash a stream of tabletop pictures showing our games in progress.  I’m just going to have 3 images from the past year in this post, and I’ll do it again tomorrow.


This is from our most recent session.  The group had a map of a goblin bank, knew exactly where the treasure they were after was located, and saw an area *on the opposite side of the complex* marked AVOID – DO NOT ENTER.  The debate lasted about 5 minutes, and they found themselves face-to-face with a watery elemental-beholder.  The barely visible outline is the pool that the beholder emerged from once one of the players had wandered far enough around the perimeter to become a victim.  “Who’s idea was this?” wondered the cleric, who had suggested the idea in the first place.  They survived, barely.

This is the group, camping near the forest that contained the goblin bank.  You can tell they’re camping, ’cause they’re in a circle around a fire and have drawn a crude tent that certainly couldn’t hold them all.  For some reason, they’ve also drawn a hammock… and a winged unicorn.  Of course, they were attacked by orcs.  Our wizard tried to argue that they characters should have special mystical protection due to the location of the camp – the reflection of the light fixture overhead seemed to illuminate each mini, encasing them in a globe of power.  No luck on that one, but nice effort.

Resting in a room full of now-dead undead corpses.  Not surprised when more skeletons and zombies showed up, but maybe taking an 8-hour nap in the evil cult’s lair wasn’t such a good idea.  Later on in this adventure, the characters learned the valuable lesson about when to run from a clearly superior foe.  I think Todd’s dwarf may have been ready to lay down his life for his comrades, but a luck save gave him the break he needed to run out of there.  The biggest surprise in looking at this photo is the Mountain Dew can.  I would have sworn that we never had it at our game, but it turns out we fall right into the gamer stereotypes.

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