Tabletop Pictures – Part 2

Here are 3 more shots from our game table over the past year.¬

Todd’s mighty hand is seen here, adjusting our position on the scary ice bridge.¬† We’re playing some mid-level D&D.¬† I think today may be the first day that I can confirm it’s not 1st to 4th Edition; I’ll have to double-check the NDA changes.¬† But, suffice to say, we’ve been¬†playing some version of D&D with our Friends & Family for the past 5 months.¬† Don’t zoom in to the character sheet, I think the rules have mostly changed already.¬† This was a great day, because Todd ran JK and I through a fun scenario, eventually bringing out a dragon to spice things up.¬† First, though, we had to get across that ice bridge.

Once again, the mystical lights of protection do not help the characters.¬† They’ve invaded the lair of the Cult of Bakraal, and are in the midst of taking out an acolyte.¬† I think they slept in his room as well.¬† I’m pretty sure the latest version of the playtest documents have a new method of healing, ’cause our gang sure did a lot of sleeping after battle.¬† Except the elves, who just tranced.¬† Our elven stoner wizard spent his time rummaging through the belongings of the dead acolytes – you know, looking for magical herbs, man.¬† He always maintains his character, who’s mostly an alchemist version of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

A night off from D&D, this time for some Heroclix.¬† At the end of the battle, only Todd’s Darkseid and my Doctor Fate are left.¬† I think this is the longest I’ve ever lasted in a heroclix game.¬† The others are pretty good piecing together a team of complimentary figures.¬† I tend to just find a theme and cram anyone who works in.¬† Doctor Fate is part of my Doctor Squad, which features Doctor Polaris, Doctor Light and on occasion, Doctor Octopus and Dr. Mid-Nite.¬† Still looking for an Accomplished Perfect Physician figure to add to the humour.¬† My favourite squad is comprised of Black Adam, Black Flash, Black Cat, Black Knight and Con Artist – she’s in a black dress, so I make it count.

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