Upping the Stakes

My oldest daughter is developing into an artsy nerd.  My youngest daughter is the boardgamer – she doesn’t display many nerd gene moments, but she’s very competitive.  We play a lot of Pentago – a game where you take turns placing your marbles to try and get 5 in a row before the other person.  After you place your marble, you can turn one of the quandrants a quarter turn to mess the board up.  You’ve got to pay attention and think a few moves ahead and figure out how to set things up so you can rotate a section to get you the win without your opponent setting up a block.  It’s like a more challenging Connect Four.

My daughter wanted to up the stakes, though.  So her first house rule – if you get 5 in a row, you win.  If you manage to get 6 in a row, you get to slap your opponent in the face.

Since we added that rule, the game is a lot more thoughtful, we play slower, and we really make sure that our opponent never gets 6 in a row.

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