Why Nerd Tangent?

Why start Nerd Tangent?

There are sites online that feature great discussions, news and gossip about comic books, genre films, action figures and other nerd hobbies.  This site is my place to talk about all of that at once, along with other topics like boardgames, growing up a nerd, and raising a nerd kid of my own.

This site is an attempt to exercise some muscles that have been hybernating too long.  This site is a chance to build new muscles that weren’t there before. 

I was told once that there are two kinds of people – there are always two kinds of people - builders and maintainers.  This site is an attempt to build something.  I’m trying to lay some groundwork; develop something for the future.  Build a community.  Start a conversation.  Improve myself.

I want to explore.  Nerd Tangent is my spaceship and my microscope.

And like all nerd tangents, this site may start out at one place and end somewhere else entirely.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

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